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Legal basis: Art. 27 para. 1 let. b and Art. 24 FNIA

According to the law, students must have appropriate accommodation. This requirement is in fact one of the FNA’s general conditions for issuing all kinds of residence permits.

The concept of appropriate accommodation implies having access to an adequately sized living space based on a defined ratio of the number of residents to the number of rooms.

This ratio is set in federal regulations as: the number of residents = the number of rooms -1.

However, in Geneva, unlike other regions in Switzerland, the kitchen counts as a room. Therefore the number of rooms must be at least equal to the maximum number of residents 1.

Legal basis: Art. 4 RGL

Furthermore, case law takes into account the housing crisis in Geneva, and has accordingly reduced the size requirements for “appropriate accommodation” as defined by migration law 2.

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  2. See ATAF C-4615/2012 9 December 2014