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This website offers a legal guide.

It is aimed mainly at foreign** students at the University of Geneva. Its goals are to make Swiss migration rules better known and to provide information on administrative procedures for student residence permits.


Procedures differ according to the type of foreign passport held: European or non-European. Following this distinction, this guide is divided into two parts.


** foreign, legal term which encompasses all those who do not have Swiss nationality.


Migration rules are constantly changing!

It is quite possible that changes in the law, in legal precedent, or even in administrative practice render the information presented here outdated. Always check when the information was last updated. For complex situations, it is necessary to consult with a professional in the field.

Communication with the authorities

Communication with the migration authorities must be undertaken with great care.

In order to be fully informed of your rights, it is best to arrange an individual consultation. During opening hours, CUAE can advise you at its offices or refer you to specialist associations, lawyers and legal experts.