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If one fails or changes one’s course of study, the purpose of the stay for which the permit was granted may be considered as having been achieved. In such a case, the residence permit loses its validity.

At the UNIGE, changing faculty or even department within a faculty is risky. Before taking such a step, it is essential to contact the CUAE or an advice center for further information.

Starting a new degree is considered as a new course of study, even if the degree is a continuation of the first one (e.g. a Master’s degree following on from a Bachelor’s degree).

A change in course of study will often mean that one needs to reapply for a residence permit, and that the conditions will be examined anew by the migration authorities (cantonal and federal if the student comes from a country on the SEM’s list). However, previous stays and the extension of the duration of the course weigh against the student.

Legal basis: Art. 61 FNIA