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European students only need to provide “plausible evidence” that they have sufficient financial means. Sufficient financial means are not defined by any specific monthly amount1.

Students are therefore in a privileged position compared to other EU citizens who are not engaged in gainful employment in Switzerland.

Legal basis: Art. 24 para. 4 Annex I AFMP; Art. 16 para. 1 ASEO

Generally, it is enough for students to submit a statement to the authorities. They can also provide this assurance by any other means of their choosing, notably by designating a guarantor (see the section on Non-European students on this subject).

At any rate, financial means are considered sufficient if they are above the threshold at which a Swiss person gets access to social assistance (access threshold)2.

Legal basis: Art. 24 para. 1 Annex I AFMP; Art. 16 para. 1 ASEO

In Geneva, the thresholds for access to social assistance are set according to the number of dependents and are as follows (for novembre 2023):

 Number of persons Assistance
(article 2 RIASI)
(article 3 RIASI)
11006 CHFUp to 1.100 CHF
21.539 CHFUp to 1.300 CHF
31.871 CHFUp to 1.500 CHF
42.153 CHFUp to 1.650 CHF
52.435 CHFUp to 1.800 CHF
Health insurance
(article 4 RIASI)
– 0-18 years: 149 CHF (average cantonal premium)
– 19-25 years: 358 CHF (cantonal reference premium)
– dès 26 years: 517 CHF (cantonal reference premium)

(source: Form O available in French on the OCPM website).

In the assessment of an applicant’s financial situation, no importance is given to whether it is the applicant themself who is the source of their means, or whether these are provided by a third party3. On this topic, however, see the section on the right to engage in gainful employment.

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